LSFest West 2017 Las Vegas, NVAugust 18, 2017

When you’ve created something awesome, you need to show it off to other people. What better way for us to show off our new intake than to head out to Las Vegas for the inaugural LS Fest West?

Here’s some background for those that aren’t in the know, LS Fest started out as an event in Bowling Green, Kentucky for vehicles powered by the awesome LS family of engines created by General Motors. This received a spin off event in 2017 called LS Fest West. The LS engines are found in everything from Corvettes, Cadillacs, Camaros, even pickup trucks and SUVs. They make awesome power, can be found at very affordable prices, and thanks to their compact dimensions they can fit into all kinds cool rides. The LS engine is how L.O.D got started even, our X-1 intake for the LS3 was our first product! So naturally we had to be there.

We hit the road from Houston on May 3rd and arrived in Las Vegas just in time on May 4th. It was incredible! We saw all kinds of cool rides and some rather extreme engine swaps. The prototype X-1 intake manifold we brought was a huge hit. People from all over were coming up and asking questions about it. It was awesome to chat with other enthusiasts and see what people wanted in a new intake design.

Later after the festival we headed to Los Angeles and Malibu. We absolutely fell in love with the roads out there, the Pacific Coast Highway has to be the 8th Wonder of the World. One of the best roads to drive in the country, possibly the world even. It was an awesome opportunity to wring out the Yankee, our 5th Gen Camaro. The people were usually very receptive to the loud and raucous Yankee. We managed to upset a Prius owner in the city of LA but other than that it was a good time.

After another day or so we decided to return home to Houston. It was a 1500 mile drive and our Yankee with it’s stroker 417 handled it with ease. We even managed to get a record 23 MPG out of our 600hp LS3. We’ll definitely be back next year, LSFest was definitely an experience for L.O.D Speedworks!