The X1 Intake ManifoldTested and Proven for Street and Track

For many high performance auto enthusiasts, the factory intake, although a very well designed piece, does not quite cut it. This led us on a three year quest to develop an affordable intake for LS3 Chevrolets that outperforms competitors and clears the factory hood without any modifications. Our X1 intake consistently sees gains between 30-40 horsepower through independent dyno testing.

Product Features

  • Three piece modular design, customizable with three lid designs that can be tailored to your application
  • Uses O-Rings for superior sealing on all surfaces
  • Runner layout with an optimized taper and large plenum design promotes maximum airflow, perfect for forced induction and max effort naturally aspirated applications
  • ¼ inch thick aluminum construction that is built to last under the most extreme conditions
  • Runners equipped with bosses to accommodate nitrous applications

Accepts OEM and aftermarket throttle bodies

Uses O-Rings for superior sealing on all surfaces

Adjustable Fuel Rail Height